Spend a day or weekend in the Catskills developing your photographic
techniques while expanding your visual horizons !
Neversink Photo Weekend Workshops are small focused groups of Intermediate
& Advanced students conducted by Award winning (including many
Clio brochure covers!) veteran New York City Photographer, Lou Jawitz .
Neversink Workshops are offered every day during the Summer,
as well as potential "Fall Foliage" Workshops.
Each Neversink Workshop focuses on improving the individual's
techniques, while heightening visual awareness of one's surroundings.
The personal/private "Immersion" Instruction day and Courses cover
all aspects of the Workshops focus on a 1-on-1 intense
learning atmosphere.
While all the Workshop's emphasis is on shooting, there will be ample time to
discuss the principles of pictorial & scenic photography, lighting,
equipment selection, portfolio critique, as well as the many other issues
important to a successful photography career.
Through a mix of small group field trips and informal discussions,
you can be assured of a stimulating experience that will
charge your creative energy!